Dihl 50L Dual Recycle Rectangle Sensor Bin


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Product Overview

The Dihl Dual Recycle Sensor Bins are perfect for saving you loads of hassle and providing a really hygienic kitchen solution, the sleek rectangular bin itself is composed of stainless steel, whilst the lid has a lightweight plastic construction making it super easy to wipe clean.

You can now neatly sort your rubbish and recyclables in our dual bin. With 2 x 25L bins it makes it eco-friendly and very space-efficient with plenty of room for all your rubbish. We also send you a separate retaining collar so you are able to use the bin as one single bin if prefered!

Allowing you to open the bin without having to touch it, that automation is ideal for when you’re scraping peelings from a chopping board or whenever else your hands are full. Just wave your hand infront of the lid and the lid will open, the timer will then count down from 6 and if you are not ready for the lid to close just wave your hand again and the timer will start again. The bin can also be disabled with the ‘open’ and ‘close’ buttons if you prefer.

Please note: these are UK specification bins and as such are not provided with inner buckets, nor do they require them when used with standard bin bags. All appliances meet the new RoHS standards.

Model SB-DUAL-50L
Bin Height Excl Lid 480mm
Total Width 400mm
Total Depth 275mm
Total Height 530mm
Total Height - Lid Open 760mm
Bin Capacity 50L
Batteries 6 x AA (not included)
Mechanism Battery-powered motor, activated with infra-red sensor
Material Stainless Steel with a lightweight, plastic lid.
Guarantee 12 Months