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Vacuum Cleaners

Handheld, compact and powerful, we’ve got what it takes to free your house of dust and bacteria. Suck it up and keep your house clean and with bagless technology, you can empty any of our Dihl Vacuum Cleaners with just one click.

Touch-Free Sensor Bins

Dihl sensor bins are great for those situations where you need both hands-free. An evolution of the foot-operated bins, these units use infrared technology to sense your proximity, activating the motorised lid for your convenience. It’s a smarter, easier way to throw away rubbish.

Kitchen Appliances

A massive range of kitchen appliances available. From stand mixers and hand blenders, to air fryers and panini grills.

TV Brackets and Accessories

Free up space by mounting your TV to the wall or ceiling. Using VESA standards, our range of brackets cover TV’s from 14” – 70” up to 40kg. You can choose a bracket that is fixed or a swivel and tilt.