600mm Stainless Steel Chrome Wire Baskets

£21.99 - £81.99

Product Overview

The Dihl Basket Drawer offers a suitable solution to provide more space in your kitchen. The baskets have straight sides that are not angled to ensure the best maximum storage for your kitchen.

There are three sizes and different packs available to choose from. Each one are supplied with a set of extending runners to view the back of your cupboard. The baskets are suitable for kitchens with a carcass size of 600mm.

You can fit around three baskets in a cupboard, and the runners are adjustable to suit 15mm or 18mm sides.

Model BSK-DBW600
Total Dimensions 110mm (H) x 490mm (W) x 410mm (D)
Carcass Size 600mm
Material Stainless Steel
Warranty 12 months from receipt