Dihl 3 in 1 800w Red Electric Hand Blender


Product Overview

The Dihl 3-in-1 Hand Blender is a extremely versatile device that can blend, chop, and whisk food without the need of other appliances. The device is extremely quiet when turbo mode is activated and comes with detachable accessories that are all dishwasher safe for an easy clean-up:

Food Processor

The 860ml bowl features a sharp double stainless steel blade to tackle hard vegetables. The LED turbo button makes it effortless to chop, slice or dice even the toughest ingredients.

Hand Blender

Can be used for any lighter ingredients to create anything from sauces, soups, milkshakes and juices. The blades rotate at high speeds to liquidise and puree the ingredients.


A baker's best friend as it takes the effort out of whipping cream or egg whites. It also helps to get air into the mix to help it rise during cooking. Make cream, batter, cake mixes or whisk eggs without the elbow grease!

Model KA-HB-800-RED
Main Body Dimensions 180mm x 52mm
Hand Blender Dimensions 195mm x 65mm
Whisk Dimensions 238mm x 55mm
Cup Dimensions 170mm x 115mm
Jug Dimensions 170mm x 99mm
Power 800w
Main Colour Black
Warranty 12 Months