Kitchen Accessories

Display a good sense of style with our Kitchen Accessories, everything from coordinated sets to unique essentials, even gift ideas, we will have something to make the most out of your counter space.
  1. Kitchen Storage Sets

    • Bread Bin

    • Storage Canisters

    • Mug Tree

Colour Coordination

We believe colour coordination is important in products for the home, particularly in the kitchen where a lot of them are permanently on display.  Dihl kitchen accessories are made to look good together, and our expanded range later this year will be no exception.

Colour Co-ordinated

Our range of storage sets come in 4 colours, all perfectly matched to look great in any modern kitchen.

Ventilated Bin

Ventilated to ensure maximum freshness of contents

Anti-slip Feet

All parts come with a non-slip base for a secure grip.

Durable Materials

Dihl ensures to source the most durable material for your product, giving you peace of mind that it will be strong and will stand the test of time.